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The word “novel” has conveyed myriad meanings over the centuries, some of them now obsolete: “Something new, a novelty”; “News, tidings”; “A story or lie; an invention”; “A new decree or constitution”; and, from the Middle English, “The new shoot of a tree” (OED). Among these definitions, a theme appears: the emergence of something heretofore unexperienced, with capacity to spread—like a well-crafted lie, or like the branches of a tree—and inevitably bring change; that is, to deliver something, well, novel.

We at Studies in the Novel believe in the creative potential and power of the novel across time and space, both historical and contemporary; in the importance of thoughtful, intentional engagement with the varied forms it has taken and takes; and in the need for open and collegial dialogue that crosses borders and boundaries.

In this vein, we aspire to curate and promote critical interventions for novel studies through cross-cultural scholarship and generative resources for readers, writers, and researchers around the world. In the process, we strive to not only produce a respected and valuable journal, but to provide support, empathy, and a gratifying experience for everyone who reads, submits to, reviews for, or publishes in Studies in the Novel.

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The editorial vision of Studies in the Novel is informed by our tradition of showcasing fresh perspectives on well-studied authors and productive criticism of lesser-known authors, all while extending our founders’ mission to highlight scholarship on novelists from around the globe. As an ongoing scholarly endeavor, Studies in the Novel is committed to the belief that there is more at stake in novelistic inquiry than the study of a literary genre. Existing as a vehicle for both critical reflection and social transformation, the novel remains what it always has been: a vital source of new ways of thinking and relating to a rapidly changing world. To the extent that the journal embodies the same dynamism and impact, we will have realized our vision.