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Our website, like the journal itself, aspires not only to showcase “novel” interdisciplinary, theoretical, and global perspectives in scholarship on the novel, but also to become a public hub for the exchange of ideas. In keeping with our educational mission, we aim for the broadest possible reach among authors and educators who write, research, and teach novels.

Today, new media present a challenge to the humanities but also an opportunity to promote critical thought, reflection, cross-cultural empathy, and social engagement. On our blog we invite speculative commentary on the future of the novel, reflections on current trends, recommendations for new and noteworthy novels, and discussion of innovative teaching.

Our indexed teaching tools will feature short commentary by practiced educators and scholars on a teachable moment from their favorite novel. These notes will be archived and kept in an alphabetical database for retrieval for classroom use.

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The Studies in the Novel editors want you to join our new blog. This intellectual forum will extend the journal’s mission by publicizing new directions in the scholarship and teaching of novels and by promoting intellectual exchange. We invite incisive, humorous, and intellectually speculative posts from the journal’s readers and contributors and from the novel-loving community at large. We expect the blog to reflect the evolving and varied scholarly interests of Studies in the Novel readers. Read the latest posts and learn how you can contribute to this exciting new venture.

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