Current Issue

Current Issue

Volume 55, Number 1, Spring 2023



"Reverse, else, the medal": Femininity as Masquerade in Frances Burney's The Wanderer - JIE ZHUANG

The Chaneysville Incident and the Research Narrative in Contemporary African American Literature - COURTNEY THORSSON

Basements, Bars, and Burials: Exploring Exceptionalist Fantasy and Violence in Toni Morrison's Home - LAUREN M. BROWN

Unfairy Tales and Other Refugee Stories: Creating Relations through the Humanitarian Imagination in Mohsin Hamid's Exit West and Helen Oyeyemi's Gingerbread - GABRIELLA PISHOTTI

The Work of Art in the Age of Transnational Reproduction: Form and Intertextuality in Xiaolu Guo's A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers and A Lover's Discourse - ALEX TICKELL



Politics, the Environment, and the Novel: An Interview with Ann Pancake - JEFFREY J. WILLIAMS



The Science of Character: Human Objecthood and the Ends of Victorian Realism by S. Pearl Brilmyer (review) - DAVID SWEENEY COOMBS

Scales of Captivity: Racial Capitalism and the Latinx Child by Mary Pat Brady (review) - KRISTI L. ULIBARRI

Victorian Contingencies: Experiments in Literature, Science, and Play by Tina Young Choi (review) - JOHN MACNEILL MILLER

Narrative in the Anthropocene by Erin James (review) - HEATHER HOUSER

Creaturely Forms in Contemporary Literature: Narrating the War Against Animals by Dominic O'key (review) - SUNDHYA WALTHER

Communities of Care: The Social Ethics of Victorian Fiction by Talia Schaffer (review) - ERIKA WRIGHT

Postcolonial Realism and the Concept of the Political by Eli Park Sorensen (review) - ASHWIN BAJAJ