Current Issue

Current Issue

Volume 53, Number 4, Winter 2021



Moving Beyond Progress: Retracing the Narrative and Social Cycles of Margaret Oliphant’s Hester - MELISSA MERTE

Anthropocene Historicity: Charles Chesnutt and the Politics of Race and Timber - JOE T. CARSON    

Precarious Life and Labor in J. M. Coetzee’s Age of Iron, Slow Man, and Diary of a Bad Year - GYLLIAN PHILLIPS

Hassan Najmi’s Gertrude and the Journey from Biography to Biofiction - MICHAEL LACKEY

The Tropological Infrastructure of Colson Whitehead’s Black Midwest - CHRISTOPHER LEISE



BIEGER, LAURA. Belonging and Narrative: A Theory of the American Novel - LIEVEN AMEEL

CHRISTOFF, ALICIA MIRELES. Novel Relations: Victorian Fiction and British Psychoanalysis - KAY YOUNG

EILS, COLLEEN G. The Politics of Privacy in Contemporary Native, Latinx, and Asian American Metafictions - JEEHYUN LIM

MCCLELLAN, KENDALL. Virtuous Citizens: Counterpublics and Sociopolitical Agency in Transatlantic Literature - THOMAS J. JOUDREY

SEIDEL, KEVIN. Rethinking the Secular Origins of the Novel: The Bible in English Fiction 1678–1767 - JAMES BRYANT REEVES

SERVITJE, LORENZO. Medicine is War: The Martial Metaphor in Victorian Literature and Culture - ANDREW MANGHAM

STILES, ANNE. Children’s Literature and the Rise of ‘Mind Cure’: Positive Thinking and Pseudo-Science at the Fin de Siècle - JESSICA STRALEY

STOICEA, GABRIELA. Fictions of Legibility: The Human Face and Body in Modern German Novels from Sophie von la Roche to Alfred Döblin - LILLA BALINT