Traveling with Gulliver: A Collection of Resources

Traveling with Gulliver: A Collection of Resources

A call for submissions was issued by Joel Sodano, affiliate editor for Studies in the Novel, and Michael Brown, professor of history at University of Aberdeen, who collected and edited the pieces listed below. Their call, they noted, was "inspired by the versatile, prescient, and even protean prose of Dr. Swift’s most well-known work, Gulliver’s Travels (1726)." The collection represents three intertextual approaches to teaching Gulliver. Daniel Cook poses the historically contemporary pairing of Robinson Crusoe’s travels in comparison with Gulliver’s, while Jon Volkmer jumps both centuries and solar systems in helping students connect Swift’s satire to that of Douglas Adams in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  Linda Troost’s piece looks to film adaptations of Gulliver’s Travels to present a student-driven model of intertextual exploration.

Traveling with Gulliver around Campus

An Intertextual Approach to Part IV, Chapter 1Daniel Cook, University of Dundee

Gulliver’s Travels AdaptedLinda Troost, Washington & Jefferson College

Hitchhiking the Galaxy with Gulliver - Jon Volkmer, Ursinus College

      Supplement: "Shipwrecked on Campus," from The Chronicle of Higher Education - Jon Volkmer, Ursinus College


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