Digital Humanities & the Novel

Digital Humanities & the Novel

Affiliate Website Editor: Kathryn Huie Harrison, Georgia Institute of Technology  



Mapping Victorian NovelsJoanna Swafford, SUNY New Paltz

Blogging Bleak House - Carla Kungl, Shippensburg University

Victorian Technology and Art - Amanda Golden, Georgia Institute of Technology

Better Questions, Better Answers: Frontloading Concepts in Full-Text SearchSarah D. Allison, Loyola University New Orleans

Juxta and Frankenstein - Tawnya Ravy, The George Washington University

Graphing the NovelAnna Peak, Temple University

Frankenstein Video ProjectsEmily Dotson, University of Kentucky

Multimodality and the C18 Seduction Novel​ - Kelly J. Hunnings, University of New Mexico

Collaborative Annotations in the Classroom: Visual and Electronic Communication - Michael Griffin, Georgia Institute of Technology

Global Digital Modernisms - Amanda Golden, New York Institute of Technology

Infinite UlyssesAmanda Visconti, Purdue University​

“Reading Indexically”: An Assignment on Indexing and the Digital Humanities - Winter Jade Werner, Wheaton College

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