World Literatures, Speculative Fiction, & Graphic Novels

World Literatures, Speculative Fiction, & Graphic Novels

Affiliate Website Editor: Katherine E. Bishop, Miyazaki International College, Japan  



Teaching V for Vendetta: A Lesson Plan, of Sorts - Justin Cosner, University of Iowa

Teaching with Tolkien: Invite Your Students (and Campus Community) to ‘Bilbo Up’!Cassandra Bausman, Trine University

Syllabi: Graphic Novel, Graphic Memoir, and Science Fiction/Speculative FictionAlfred Bendixen, Princeton University

Teaching Materials: Utopia, Dystopia, Science Fiction, Invisible Man, & Nightwood - Frann Michel, Willamette University

World Literature Syllabus - ​Craig Carey, University of Southern Mississippi

3 Syllabi & Reflections: Narrative Temporalities, Speculative Indigenous Fiction, Humanity and Nature - Conrad Scott, University of Alberta

Reflections on Teaching a Superhero Course - Marc Singer, Howard University

Teaching Barefoot Gen Katherine E. Bishop, Miyazaki International College, Japan

Comics and Crisis: Graphic Narratives and History - Joanne Janssen, Baker University

Asian American Literature Syllabus - Mara Scanlon, University of Mary Washington

Teaching Black Internationalism and Americanah / A Bibliography of Black Internationalism - Keisha N. Blain, University of Iowa

Using Graphic Novels in Education: March: Book One - Meryl Jaffe, Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth Online Division

Tracing Persepolis - David Morgen, Emory University

Mapping Fun Home - David Morgen, Emory University


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